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Henil Group Consulting

Your partner in transforming higher education.

About Us

Our mission at Henil Group is to help higher education institutions execute on strategic priorities.


We work with each higher education partner differently, tailoring research, support and solutions to meet the unique needs of each leadership team, along with the employees and students they work for.


Henil Group consultants partner with leaders to accelerate progress and drive results across five key areas:

Strategic Enrolment

Define and achieve targets.

Student Success

Build a student-centric campus.

Institutional Strategy

Position your institution for the future.

Campus Wellbeing

Foster a thriving campus community.

Digital Transformation

Innovate service and course delivery.

How is our approach different?

Higher Education Experts:

Executives often feel limited in their ability to delegate projects of strategic importance within the ranks. Henil Group consultants understand the culture of higher education and have a wealth of industry specific experience. You'll be able to hand over big deliverables with confidence.

Rooted in Research:

It’s not enough to simply have data. The value of data comes from the insights it generates to inform decision making.  Your Henil Group consultant will work closely with you to determine the best research design to synthesize insights and propel your project forward.

Focused on Quality:

Henil Group consultants will help you create quality frameworks and evaluation tools to guide continuous improvement efforts long after the end of our initial engagement.

Meg Houghton

Meg is a former college executive with over 20 years of experience working in universities and colleges across Canada. Meg oversaw broad portfolios including student affairs, international recruitment, communications and marketing and strategic enrolment planning. In 2021, Meg launched Henil Group Inc. to help higher education institutions inform and execute strategic priorities.

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Recent Client Projects

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Student Affairs: Structural Review


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for Work Integrated Learning


Uptake of Adaptive Learning Across Post-Secondary Institutions in Ontario

Let Henil Group help you reach your goals.

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